My homestudy came in the mail today! I was all excited and read it through until I got to the last page. There it states…

“as they have requested, have been approved for the adoption of two children, Caucasian, either sex, between the ages of three to six years old”

WTF? I remember specifically stating that we were NOT looking for only a Caucasian kid. I remember specifically stating that we only wanted a girl. I remember saying that we would go as young as three but wanted the option to go older if we met the right kid.

The part that really bugs me is the “as they have requested….Caucasian.” It makes us look like rascists. In fact none of the kids I have seen who I would be interested in learning more about are Caucasian. I called the agency and they are supposed to write a correction. I can’t even imagine how long that is going to take. The social worker hated the idea of us adopting from the foster care system and tried to convince us to go with a private infant adoption or international. I think this is her own bias coming out as supposedly what we requested.