Yesterday I bought something that I have wanted forever. I bought an ice cream maker. How does this fit with trying to lose weight? I haven’t had ice cream in the house in probably 6 months and reading the ingredient lists on most ice cream recipes almost gives me a heart attack. So I’ll either be avoiding the bad stuff or trying to lighten it. I’m going to focus on making good things. My initial attempt is whirring away in the kitchen as I type. It is Mango Sorbet. No fat. It does have sugar but that is because I got conflicting messages from websites about using other sweeteners so I decided my first batch should follow the recipe exactly. I’ll experiment later.

It just came out of the mixer and it tastes great. It is almost too sweet for my taste and that’s hard to do. I ate the scrapings from the bowl and am counting myself as a good person because I put the rest in the freezer to share with the husband for a snack with evening. I’ve got the bowls back in the freezer so I’m ready to make another recipe when this is gone. I’m thinking Cherry Sorbet to use up the cherries in my freezer….