It’s hot. Damn hot.

It is too humid to breathe. In all this heat and humidity my animals have lost their collective minds. Last night I got Spirit out of the barn and he was wobbly. I walked him to the pasture and then dumped a bucket of water over him. He was very unhappy but he felt better.

Today I decided to give both horses a hose-down with cold water at about 1:00. I pulled Spirit out and led him around to the hose. There was a kink in the hose and I let go of him to fix the hose. He took off back into the barn. When I went to retrieve him he informed me that it was hot outside and he wasn’t going back out. I made him come with me and then he was further horrified by being hosed down. He doesn’t believe in getting wet unless it is raining and that is only ok at certain times.

During all this Prize was yelling because Spirit was outside and she wasn’t. She watched him get a shower and then was all excited that it was her turn to go out. But when we got to the hose she acted out and out shocked – shocked I tell you – that she was going to get sprayed. I’m trying to prevent heat stroke here and no one is appreciative at all.

In the midst of all this the dog has decided that she is part reptile and therefore she needs to sun herself. On the concrete. Until she is hot to the touch. I object to this and make her come inside. She pouts for a few minutes and then wants out again. I informed her that I was not going to treat her for heat stroke because she was trying to bring it on herself so she is just going to have to stay inside. That is not going over well.

Then I ran upstairs where there is no airconditioning and found the cat cuddled up with a wool blanket. I told her that I certainly hoped that she had passed out there from the heat and was not in fact choosing to cuddle with wool in the only unairconditioned part of the house. I added that since I saw that she could walk and had the option of moving to a cooler place I would now also not be treating her because her heat stroke was self-inflicted too.