I am supposed to be at parenting school today and tomorrow. I’m not. Why not? Because I lost the form that we needed. I knew this so two weeks ago I called the adoption agency and said that we were coming and confirmed that the dates were August 5 and 6. Two days ago, just to make sure, I called again and confirmed that the dates were August 5 and 6 and confirmed the times. So this morning I was cleaning out my car in order to get ready for the 3 hour drive to parenting school. I found the form. The dates on the form are August 4 and 5. I called the agency but they weren’t in. I called the place where the classes are held and they confirmed August 4 and 5.

Because of other commitments we can’t get to another parenting class this year. They are only held every other month. So basically either we wait until next year or we switch agencies.

I called a local agency that did eventually return my phone calls when I was looking for an agency initially but they called after I had signed up with the other agency. We;ll see if they call me back. We’ll lose about $300 with the switch (agency fees and our non-refundable hotel room for tonight). But it will be more convenient to have a closer agency.

So it looks like we’ll be starting over from scratch.