This is my house.


Ugh, boring and ugly. We both hate the exterior. Our neighbors aren’t in love with it either. Since we’ve been doing a lot of work like new windows and a roof they keep dropping, “Have you thought about painting it a new color?” into conversation.

The problem is choosing colors. I haven’t seen many mock Tudors painted anything other than yellow/cream and brown. Even Google isn’t much help.

Here’s a mock up of some suggested paint combinations. Excuse the really fast Photoshopping.


What do you think? I won’t tell you whose color ideas are whose – although mine is obviously the better one! Do you have any other color ideas to try?

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  1. The existing color looks fine to me. But if I have to choose on the photoshopped photo, I prefer the one on the right- the one with the darker trimmings.

  2. I like the one on the right, as I agree it’s more striking, but I like contrast.

    Also, you also got new WHITE windows…. so whatever you do, thoughse will play up, unless you blend them in…. try making the “background” white, and the trim black…. or the reverse.
    Or a charcol grey and black or white….

    my parents did this chocolate brown and WHITE. it was nice. (and in fashion at one point).

    My husband says “ox blood” and a cream/beige. And by oxblood, he means the brownish, redish, burgandy colour of a lot of leather products.

    There’s a lot you can do….

  3. I like the one on the right, although I’m probably breaking the blogger’s code and siding with the husband. I just think it offers better contrast and looks more striking. The green and cream is just kind of bland, and I think it’s a color you could get really sick of.

    Good luck! It’s a challenging exterior to work with.

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