WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

I’ve been a bit of a slacker this week but I did manage to finish two and half hexagons. Powder is unimpressed as noted by the huge yawn. (Actually she looks quite vicious in this picture but trust me, it was a yawn.)

more hexi with Powder

I did finish one swap block.

roddyjen's block

I do have quilts for show and tell though.

Ever since I’ve been the State Coordinator for Ohio for Quilts of Valor I’ve had a dream. I wanted to have a stash of a few quilts so I would have some on hand whenever a request came in. What I’ve been doing is emailing my state volunteers and begging whenever I have a request.

Now, I have a stash. A local quilt shop had a sewing day and made 7 quilts. I picked them up this weekend.

I love this flag design.


There are three of this sampler quilt.


A sampler in another colorway


A cute star quilt


Edge to edge stars


Even the backs are cute. This is the back on all the red, white, and blue samplers.

quilt back

The first of these quilts will be going to its new home as soon as the soldier gets home from reserve duty in May. He’s been waiting for a bit because the quilt that was meant for him got lost in the mail. Now that we have a stash I can fill any requests that come in and maybe even help out other states!