Every vampire has heard rumors of the mythical place where their kind can daywalk. But what no vampire knows is that this City of Eternal Night actually exists in New Orleans. For centuries, the fae have protected the city from vampire infestation. But when the bloodsuckers return, the fragile peace in New Orleans begins to crumble. Carefree playboy Augustine, and Harlow, a woman searching for answers about her absent father, are dragged into the war. 

This book takes place in New Orleans in the 2060s. The supernatural creatures are public knowledge.  New Orleans was cursed by a witch to be a place where vampires can day walk.  Other witches have tried to protect the city by making vampires forget about the city as soon as they leave the boundaries.  Now someone is bringing vampires in – but for what purpose?

The Good

  • Many species of fae with lots of unusual talents
  • A variety of strong female characters who aren’t just love interests

The Bad

  • Harlow and Augustine kiss during a fae festival before they realize they will be in each other’s lives.  It was the most magical thing ever and they just can’t quit thinking about it – blech, who cares?
  • This is the first book of a series and there isn’t enough resolution of story lines to make this a satisfactory book on its own.

Verdict – I’ll probably pick up the next book but I’m not sure I’d commit to the whole series unless the next book blows me away.