There were lots of good comments on the last post about motivating the husband to exercise. Here’s the actual conversation I had on the phone with him.

Me: Do you know yet when you’ll be coming home tonight?
Him: Fairly soon.
Me: Good. Do you want to go for a walk with me?
Him: Are you saying I’m out of shape?
Me: Yes. (Well, he brought it up..)

So we went for a walk done the driveway and back. That’s about 0.2 miles. He used the excuse of fixing the mailbox to justify the walk. He was breathing a little hard on the way back and he informed me that it wasn’t because he was tired from the walk. I hadn’t mentioned anything so I just said ok. He also said that his back hurt. I tactfully didn’t mention that if he lost his gut his back probably won’t hurt. Then last night he had to go out of town again so up to now it was just a one time thing. I’m thinking about trying to make it a habit by saying that we could use it as time together without the evil mother-in-law around.

I did make him a healthy dinner that night. I don’t usually cook for him because he is a carnivore and I never know when he is going to be home. I made vegetable stuffed portobello mushrooms. I added a small salad to the plate too since I was forcing vegetables in him. He said that he ate it all and that it was good. He didn’t even modify it in any way. Another reason I don’t cook for him is because I’ll make healthy meals to which he likes to add cheese sauce in large quantities before he eats it. Makes me want to strangle him.