The husband is way out of shape. His main form of exercise is working hard to avoid any physical labor. When we were practicing for my dressage test he was complaining because he was going to have to stand to read the whole thing. “The whole thing” is about 5 minutes. He says his back hurts if he stands that long. We went to Washington D.C. once and I about killed him by making him walk all over the city.

But last night we were laying in bed and I had my head on his chest. I noticed that his heart rate seemed fast for a human. So I timed it. His resting heart rate was 90.

I by no means can claim to be fit. But I’m able to walk around and have a job where I stand most of the day. So I timed myself. Mine was 75.

So now what do I do? He knows that he needs to lose weight. I can’t make him exercise. We do have bikes so I can invite him to go riding with me. But his schedule doesn’t lend itself to that very often. How do I convince him that he needs to exercise because he’s killing himself?