I used to think that if I was able to treat Spirit whenever he got sick that I’d be able to treat any animal. But now I know that I currently own the two worst patients in all of creation. Snowball and Prize.

About 2 weeks ago Snowball got an ear infection. That should be treated easily enough with medicine I had sitting around the house if she would let me get a look at it. We’re talking about a 6 pound dog – how hard could that be? Yeah, ok. I ended up taking her to the clinic so I could intimidate her by setting her on an exam table and having multiple people nearby to hold her down so I could get a look. We treated that and it seemed to clear up fine. But over the past week I started to notice that she wasn’t quite right. She would sleep and not jump up whenever I walked out of a room. She wouldn’t even wake up. At first I thought she was dead but when I’d nudge her with a toe she’d spring to her feet. Ear infections don’t usually cause hearing loss, especially a fairly mild infection. So it was back to the clinic yesterday to look in her ears. They look fine but she is definately deaf. I’m starting to think that it isn’t such a bad thing. Sure, she can’t hear me when I call her but she spent most of her time ignoring me when I called her anyway. This way I can save my voice. The car ride with her was better. Snowball doesn’t believe in turning signals. She hates them with a passion. The use of turning signals is grounds for irate barking fits until they are turned off. Yesterday I tested her by turning on the turning signals. Not a peep out of her.

Yesterday morning Prize seemed a bit colicky. I have drugs sitting around for this too. It would be a simple thing to give her a bit of IV anti-inflammatories and have her well on her way. But, Prize hates needles. I’m not sure where she learned about her hate of needles. She has been very lightly vaccinated. She’s had blood drawn once a year for her required blood tests and had one shot for a colic last year. But she knows needles on sight and she hates them. Her way of dealing is to throw herself into you in an attempt to squish the bad needle-person up against a wall. I knew IV was out of the question. So I put the needle in a muscle. Much slamming of me commences. I finally get the shot into her and she feels much better thank you. Now I have to go medicate my own bruises.