HypocrisyHypocrisy by D.M. Annechino

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Dr. Lauren Crawford is a brilliant research scientist who discovers a revolutionary treatment for cancer that not only extends life, but much improves the quality of life for terminal cancer patients. The treatment, in some instances, can even cure certain cancers. On the evening before Dr. Crawford holds a press conference to announce that the FDA has given preliminary approval of her new cancer treatment, somebody follows her to her car and puts three bullets in her head. Was it a planned murder with a motive, a mugging gone badly, or merely a random act of violence?

Two New York City homicide detectives, Amaris Dupree and T.J. Brown, are assigned to the investigation. The detectives evaluate the circumstances surrounding Dr. Crawford’s death, and follow a trail of clues that exposes a sequence of startling facts. One by one, the detectives carefully examine each suspect and piece together a puzzle with unimaginable implications. As the investigation gets more intense, and the detectives get closer to solving the murder mystery, someone threatens Dupree’s life. The detectives now realize that Dr. Crawford’s murder was much more than a homicide. And if they don’t arrest the murderer soon, Dupree might be the next victim.

I have a copy of this book to giveaway if you are intrigued by the premise.

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My thoughts – This book confused me.  In the early part of the book there is so much discussion of the main character’s breasts that for a while I was wondering if this was supposed to be satire and I was just missing the humor. 

The other thing that is almost completely left out is what this cure that everyone is fighting over is.  There is a page that gives a cursory discussion of it but really doesn’t even attempt to make a scientific case.  It is mostly -  There’s a cure.  We have it.  Moving on.

There are attempts at character development that just drop into the story at weird times.  The characters go off on long discussions about their deepest darkest secrets that seemed totally irrelevant to the story.  These are interesting but stop the forward progress of the story cold.

The idea is interesting but could have been better executed.

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