I’ve written about the movie Riki Tiki Tavi and how it messed up my life before. To review, in the movie the daddy cobra goes to take revenge on the humans for hurting his family by wrapping around the base of the toilet to kill them as they come in. For years, yes years, after I saw that as a kid I had to check the base of the toilet whenever I went into the bathroom just in case a cobra had made its way to North America and was laying in wait for me. I just knew that someday I was going to be attacked by something hanging out at the base of the toilet.

Today it happened. I walked into the bathroom and there was a kitten wrapped around the base of the toilet with a paw extended ready to slap anything that came within reach. Once I spotted him his element of suprise was gone so he slunk off. I’m sure he’ll be back when I’m least expecting it.