I’m starting my second day as a seeing person and I’m not sure that I like it. I picked up my glasses yesterday. I know now that the world through my eyes has a soft focus, Greta Garbo/Bette Davis, vaseline on the lens kind of image. With my glasses on it is all sharp edges and harsh lines. Not nearly as romantic.

The first thing I noticed was that the ground looks very close. Very disorienting. Then at dinner I told that husband that he had pores. I spent some time looking at him with and without the glasses in rapid succession – “You with foundation – You without foundation,” until I was banned from looking at him. Then there was a long discussion on how the headlights of oncoming cars had changed. When cars are far away the light seems to extend in a short band from the lights. With my glasses on the band goes vertically and with them off the band goes horizontal. The husband says he sees headlights as a circle but I think he just wasn’t playing along.

I’m still totally disoriented and dizzy when I try to walk. Everything seems really blurry until I stand still and focus. Then it is super clear. Hopefully that will get better because I’m supposed to wear them to drive and that means moving a lot faster than walking speed.