Poor Freckles.  Her life is in disarray.

I have a sad


1.  I knew something was up even though nothing was moved yet.  My peoples are sneaky.

2.  Mommy took the kitties out in boxes.  The kitties don’t go out to the car EVER. 

3.  Attempts to throw myself on the boxes to free the kitties were thwarted.  So was the attempt to go wherever Mommy and kitties were going.

4.  Strangers came and starting stealing things and putting them in boxes.  Daddy knew it and said it was ok.  How can that ever be ok?!!

5.  Mommy came home without the kitties.  I needed hugs.


1.  Mommy moved bird to the travel cage.  This is good.  I go in the car with the bird sometimes.

2.  Mommy tore apart the big birdcage.  That is wrong.

3.  I decided to lay on birdcage parts so Mommy won’t forget me.

4.  New strangers came and walked all through the house and I couldn’t talk to them.  I had to sit on a chair while Mommy and Daddy talked about people who wanted to view a house in this state were stupid.

5.  Mommy left with the bird and a suitcase!  Attempts to go with her were thwarted again.

6.  Boxes went into a big truck.  You know what is left behind?  MY STUFF!!!!!!  My bowls and leashes and food! OMG OMG OMG THEY AREN’T TAKING ME!!!!!!

Attempts to explain to her that her stuff isn’t packed because she’s staying with the SO until he leaves tomorrow are unproductive.  He is going to a hotel tonight.  I told him he has to take her even though she could easily stay at the house because she’d have a total breakdown.  Poor baby.

Wait until she gets to the new house and finds the kitties and the bird but no me.  She’ll think I got lost in the move.  When I show up in a week I’ll be mauled.