Every so often I go into smoothie overload. I load up on frozen fruit, yogurt, and tofu at the grocery store and mix up strange brews in my kitchen. But yesterday I hit upon a combination that I am in love with. If you want to recreate this at home and want to know how much of each ingredient to use, the answer is “some.”

I put yogurt and tofu in the blender. I also added some flax seeds so I could really feel like I was being healthy. I had decided on using frozen cherries but that seemed boring by itself. The only other fruit I had was mangoes and that didn’t seem to go together well. I decided to put away the flax seeds while I was thinking. In the cabinet with the seeds was a bag of unsweetened carob chips from the same health food store. Those chips were too disgusting to be eaten plain which is why I still had them around. I added some chips to the blender and whirled away. I created Nirvana in a glass! The sweetness of the cherries overwhelmed the bitterness of the carob. Chocolate covered cherry smoothies! I happen to think that chocolate covered cherries are the highest evolution of food so something like that that is fairly healthy…I can die happy now.