No word yet on the evil mother-in-law’s job. Any day now we could hear. She keeps packing which I think is going to jinx the whole thing but I’ve never been known as a great optimist.

Tonight I’m going to listen to a conference call about an adoption agency. They sent some information about what they will be discussing. I know all that already but it will give me a feel for the agency. To occupy my time while I listen to things I already know I prepared this:

UFO #2
UFO #2

It actually looks a bit different now. That’s how it looked when I pulled it out of the UFO box. Now it has new borders. I am tying it. Actually, I am suturing it. I found that hand tying knots was very slow and cumbersome for me. So now when I tie a quilt I get out the surgical instruments and tie sutures of craft thread. Much easier.

Yesterday a person at work asked me if I was excited about adopting. I didn’t know what to say. The question actually infuriated me. It was personal and none of her business. This is the same person who chides me everytime I refer to a “kid.” Apparently, young humans are not kids – they are children. When they are your offspring and they grow up then you can refer to them as kids. She takes this very seriously. I therefore resolve to always refer to my small human as a kid. I’ve often thought that if I would ever (god forbid) become pregnant I would have to quit my job because I couldn’t stand dealing with this woman’s smugness about my impending kid. This is the same woman who knowing I don’t like babies takes every opportunity to put her young grandson in my face (literally) and coo, “Tell him you love him. I know you do.” No, I don’t. I don’t like babies. Get him out of my face.

Glad they don’t ask to look at blogs during the homestudy. That paragraph would disqualify me for sure.