On Wednesday I commented that I really liked one person’s block that she linked to for WIP Wednesday. She emailed me back and said it was for a swap and asked if I wanted to join.

So now I’m playing with Quilt Around the World II on flickr. We make a starting block and then everyone else makes a block to compliment it. I made a rainbow mosaic block from this tutorial.

spirit97 start block

I think they are taking signups through the weekend if anyone is interested.

I also joined Add-a-Border on flickr. This is a low stress group. There are no deadlines. You send in a 6.5″ starter block. It can be anything. It gets sent to someone else to add a 3″ border. This keeps going until it is 24″. The twist is at any point a person working on a block can decide they love it and choose to keep it. I’m going to use this as a creativity exercise to see what I can come up with for whatever is sent to me. They end at 24″ which is the size that Neonatal ICU donation groups want quilts to be so I think I’ll snag any appropriate ones I have and donate them.

You get a block whenever you send one in. If you turn it around in 2 days, that’s when you get another one. If it takes you two months, that’s when you get another. I sewed together two left over parts of my Orca Bay quilt to make my starting block.

Pink Diamonds