I’ve been pretty quiet this month on here. I’ve been at a bit of a loss about what to write about. I guess nothing is really inspiring me to rant and rave about it right now.

I’m reading a lot of books that are either ok but I’m not really feeling super enthusiastic about talking about or I’m reading books that I absolutely love but they are deep into series and that makes them hard to review.

I’ve been quilting. I made a baby quilt for a former coworker of the husband. They don’t know the sex and the colors they were using were greys. Seriously, people after my own heart. The biggest color I have in fabric right now is grey. But it was a little hard to figure out what to make for a grey baby quilt. Then it occurred to me. Elephants!


I absolutely love him. I also had the opportunity to test a pattern for a bighorn sheep. Why a sheep? I actually responded to a request to test a horse pattern but she had too many takers for that one. She offered me a bighorn sheep or a lobster. I’ve finished the block and put a border on it. I’m almost done quilting it and then I’ll post pictures. It will just be a little wall hanging.

When I’m not working, reading, or sewing I’ve been playing pinochle in my hot tub. I got a two person hot tub last fall and I love it. Soaking in water is my happy place. Buying a tiny hot tub was cheaper than remodeling my bathrooms to get a soaking tub. I have a dry bag for my ipad so I can take it in there and play internet pinochle while I soak.

Speaking of work, I maybe cross my fingers have a good development. Today I have a vet coming to work a day with me to see if we all like each other. If we do, she may come work with me. When I decided to take this job I was told that because it was a start up practice that I may need to be a solo vet for at least a year. That wasn’t anything I ever wanted to do but I could handle it for a while. That was in August 2017. Yeah. Suddenly there is a gigantic nationwide vet shortage that got exponentially worse during the pandemic. So maybe, maybe I’ll end up with some help. My staff has some people who are highly resistant to change. I’ve been giving them pep talks all week about how this would be ok. I would be able to go on vacation without closing the clinic so they could still get paid normally. This is all good. I’m not sure they are entirely convinced.

That’s my quick update to prove I’m still alive and to get my post writing muscles back working.