Reviews posted this week:

The Spymistress by Jennifer ChiaveriniWhen Virginia seceded from the Union and Richmond became the capitol of the Confederate States of America, not everyone in Richmond celebrated. The Van Lew family were staunch Unionists. Elizabeth Van Lew, a wealthy spinster in her 40s, decided to show Christian charity to the Union soldiers being held in Libby Prison. This led to her building and running a large Union spy network in Virginia.

Eleanor & Park by Rainbow RowellEleanor is just starting school again. She was kicked out of her house for a year for talking back to her stepfather. She wears whatever clothes she can find that sort of fit. Now she needs to find someone who will let her sit down on the bus.

Park has a seat to himself and doesn’t want to share it with the weird looking new girl but the bus driver is yelling so he tells her to sit there. Great, now he’s going to be stuck with her.

Currently Reading

Dangerous WomenDangerous Women by George R.R. Martin

One of my main hangups with reading short story collections is feeling like I need to read it all. I’m giving myself permission to skip at will here. So far I’ve read the George RR Martin and the Jim Butcher and I’m in the process of reading the Diana Gabaldon. I’ve only read a few more of the authors in here so I’ll skip about.

Listening To

Skin Game (The Dresden Files, #15)Skin Game by Jim Butcher

Wizard Harry Dresden has spent a year recuperating on a magic island in Lake Erie.  He has a mystical parasite in his head that is causing him extreme pain that is only held at bay by the guardian of the island.  Now Mab, the Queen of Winter, is offering him a cure.  All he had to do is one little job for her first.