20minute Elliptical
At the listed time intervals you will stop and complete each assignment.
@ 5min- 5 push ups, 5 Air squats, 5 V-ups
@ 10min- 10 Lunges, 10 Pikes, 10 Calf raises
@ 15min- 15 Sit-ups, 15 Shoulder taps in push-up position, 15sec drink of water
@ 20min- 20sec wall sit, 20 Leg swings each leg, 20sec low squat hold

I don’t do cardio machines. But, I figured I could do this because it was all broken up. I didn’t plan on being the entertainment for people on the other cardio machines. Every few minutes they’d stare at me as I got off the elliptical and did something odd before getting back on.


Workout #1- 4 rounds

  • 10 Bent over rows
  • 8 Seated shoulder press (dumbbells)
  • 10 Pec flies – I used 15 lb weights for all these

Workout #2- I realize how much you will most likely hate me after this one, but
humor me with 4 rounds of this anyways. 🙂

  • :30sec Handstand hold against wall (use wall climb techniques to get up as high as possible)
  • 20 Lunges holding 25lb+ weight plate overhead

Ok, I fell apart on that one.  I only did it twice because my shoulders were dying and I was falling out of the handstandish-thing I was doing.


Workout #1
30-20-10-5 of Back squats
***Work your way up in weight increasing the most after the set of 20. Rest
well between sets!

I went to the gym to do this.  I used the Smith machine which I love.  It pretty much holds the bar for you.  The bar is attached to two posts.  It slides up and down those posts.  My fear in doing squats is that I’m going to fall backwards when I get low.  You can’t do that with this machine so I can squat really low.  Now I am super sore because I get more range of motion than I’m used to.  Also, the bar on this machine is padded.  Best invention ever.  I’ve had lots of bruises from the bar especially on front squats.
Workout #2- Complete 5 rounds of the following.

  • 12 Single arm bicep curls (seated)
  • 10 Overhead tricep extension
  • 12 Reverse single arm bicep curls

I used 12.5 lbs for these.