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1999: A Novel of the CelticTiger and the Search for Peace by Morgan Llywelyn

This is the fourth book in her Irish Century series. It shouldn’t actually be called 1999 since it spends more time in the 1970s and 1980s covering The Troubles in Northern Ireland.

I was interested in this historical fiction take on that time period but I think that this is the weakest of the books. It may be that the characters in this family saga are more unlikeable than the characters in the earlier books. Like the previous books, I learned a lot but they just aren’t well written fiction books like other books of hers that I’ve read.

The Long Earth by Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter

The plans for a Stepper are all over the Internet. All you need is some simple wiring and a potato and The Long Earth opens up to you. There is an infinite number of parallel Earths just a step away from ours and they are open to anyone to settle.

I read this because I love Terry Pratchett. This is straight science fiction more than the fantasy that he is known for. The plot centers on some explorers out to see what all these worlds have to offer. The main story didn’t really hold my interest. There were some character sketches of other people who were moving out to settle the worlds and of the people left behind because they can’t Step that were thought-provoking though.

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