Last Tuesday I slacked on going to the gym and then I felt insanely guilty so I made up a workout at home.  I did 15 burpees, 15 knees to chest on dip bars, and 15 body rows and then repeated with 9 sets each and then 6 sets each.


After a hard warmup including inchworms across the length of the gym (hands on ground, walk hands out to plank, pushup, walk feet in to hands, stand up, repeat), we worked on strength moves.  I did 53 lbs in the snatch which is moving a bar from the ground to over your head.  Then I did a 63 lb max weight hang clean which is moving the bar from waist height to shoulder height.  Here’s the fun of cross fit.  After all that we get to what they consider our “workout of the day”.  Yeah, the earlier stuff?  Doesn’t count.  The WOD was 30 air squats (so no weights), 20 hang cleans (I did 45 lbs) and 10 ring dips (I did modified with a band around the dip bars to support some of my weight).  We did three reps and I did it in 8:53.


The WOD was supposed to start with 5 handstand pushups.  You can laugh.  I did.  I probably can’t even do a handstand, let alone do pushups in that position.  The modified move was pikes.  You have your hands and feet on the ground with your butt in the air like downward facing dog and then do pushups like that.  If you substituted pikes you had to do 20 of them. Then you had to do 11 deadlifts.  I did 83 lbs.  It was as many reps as possible in 7 minutes.  I like those because you know when it will be over!  I did 5 reps.


We worked on high hang snatches which is moving a bar from the hips to overhead while moving your body into a squat.  The coordination is the hard part.  I did 43 lbs.  Then we did Bulgarian split squats (One foot raised on a box behind you.  Do a lunge while holding weights.  Very hard) I did it ugly with 5o lbs and better with 25.  The WOD was deadlifts (I did 83 lbs) and thrusters (bar at chin, squat while raising bar overhead – I did 33 lbs).  We had to do 21 reps each and then 15 and then 9.  I did it in a little over 8 minutes.

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  1. Great job, Heather! I’ve never taken a brandname Crossfit class before, but I’ve seen them in action in my area. Pretty intense. I have taken a bootcamp class at my gym that sounds very similar, but focuses on using your own body weight for all the strength components, so it’s hard… but not as intense as what you’re doing in Crossfit with added weights. I do that separately in a strength class in which we use a bar and plates. I love that class. We do those pike push ups, too! I kind of like them.

    Keep up the good work! 🙂

  2. I work with a guy who is like a missionary about Crossfit–trying to convert everyone! It sounds like an awesome workout but after reading your description, I know I’m not tough enough! Good luck with your workouts this week!

    1. I’m bulging but not in the right places. I need to drop some fat to show off the muscles. I may have to add running on my off days.

  3. Handstand pushups! That’s possible?

    I just tried a pike. I can bend my elbows about 15 degrees — much farther and I’d land on my face!

    I love reading your workouts — I’m learning all kinds of things!

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