It was a big week for extracurricular activities at work.

On Wednesday our clinic sponsored a minor league baseball game so dogs were allowed in the park as long as they bought a ticket.


That’s Porkchop. He doesn’t hold still.

For the game everyone from the clinic got to be in the owner’s suite. Freckles only travels first class, you know.


Today was the grand opening party for our second clinic.

There was a demonstration from local dog trainers.



Then the demo dogs decided to make themselves useful. There was a dunk tank which meant that people were throwing balls! So the Malinois and Border Collie decided to retrieve the balls that people were throwing. They were very helpful.


The Lab mix however was super concerned about the person falling in the water. He didn’t know her but he was worried. Every time she got dunked he would stand up with his front paws on the top of the tank until she surfaced and assured him that she was just fine.

Then, one time she was surprised when she got dunked and made a small sound as she fell. He freaked. He screamed and jumped from a standstill into the 4 foot tall tank to rescue her. Now there was a person and a 80 lb dog in a 3 foot by 3 foot tank in 3 feet of water. She ended up saving him by holding him up until other people could lift him out.


He ended up getting a small cut so he had to get a staple. Poor puppy. He just wanted to save the girl!

I managed to stay out of the tank but rocked the inflatable obstacle course. I can slide in style.


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  1. +JMJ+

    The story of the Lab mix reminds me of another anecdote I heard from a friend. She said the reason they don’t keep any fish in their ornamental backyard pond any longer is that a friend once brought her Lab over, left him in the backyard, and came back to see that he had “rescued” all the poor fish from drowning! LOL! It doesn’t really follow that keeping fish is a bad idea (because you can always keep the Labs out, right?), but their mother was actually attached to those fish and didn’t want to buy a fresh school only to lose them again! =P

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