Riley’s day so far:

6:00 AM See male person wake up. Figure since he is up he wants to play. Big miscalculation. Male person tells me to go play somewhere else. Try to oblige by playing with mouse toy with bell on the tail. For some reason male person gets up and takes toy and me to living room and shuts bedroom door.

8:30 AM Running with Powder. Try to take a short cut under a chair while she jumps over it but I guess I’ve grown because I run headfirst into the rung of the chair.

10:00 AM I really like the bird. He’s bright and makes noise just like all the good toys. Speaking of toys he has some good ones in his cage too. I jump up on the front of the cage to get a closer look. Get grabbed by the back of my neck and thrown off by female person. She’s really mad so I go make myself small behind the back of the recyliner.

11:00 AM Maybe if I go around the back of the cage I can see better. Try to jump up but the sheet on the cage falls on me and wraps me all up so I can’t get out. Hear female say, “Stay in there and think about what you’ve done.” She leaves me there for a minute or so.

12:20 PM Try frontal assault on bird cage again. Enraged female owner doesn’t get a hold of me this time because I hear her coming. Make myself small under the table.

12:22 PM I’ll just go lie under the cage and think about this for a while. For some reason female owner picks me up and puts me in the bedroom.

5 Replies to “It’s so hard to be a kitten”

  1. Aaagh… I refreshed the page several times to make sure there wasn’t a delay. A comment to another of your entries had appeared immediately.. But there it is, now, having posted a replacement comment. Grr! Technology! Double grr! x

  2. You capture the innocence and playfulness so beautifully! For some reason I tried to post this response but it didn’t take… If a variant turns up twice, please delete one or the other with apologies!

  3. Ohhh that is to funny…Have you tired getting a spray bottle and put water in it..When the kitten gets near the bird..give it a few squits..It won’t take long before the kitten learns to stay away

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