After several computer problems I made the husband come with me to map a section of trail. This would be my anti-exercise, out-of-shape, refuses to walk from the end of the parking lot husband. He says I almost killed him.

Sad thing is I took his condition into consideration and did an easy trail with him. We only walked about a mile. It was mostly flat or downhill. Ok, there are two large ravine crossings that are steep uphills. But other than that it was flat or downhill.

He had to stop and rest several times. One time we stopped and sat on a log in a very pretty area. It was nice. I don’t think he noticed. His face was all red and he was dripping sweat. He was also panting. My hair was a bit damp at the roots.

Him: accusingly Are you sweating?
Me: I’m a girl. We aren’t supposed to visibly sweat. We just glow. I read that in a book once.
Him: skeptical You aren’t sweating! You’re trying to kill me!

We take the next hill and rest again.

Him: You are trying to kill me! I’m dying here.
Me: soothingly That was a hard climb.
Him: scornful look
Me: You know I won’t kill you until after you make my map, don’t you? No point in killing you now, is there?

Is it a sad statement on my marriage that he accepted that explanation more completely than anything else I said all day?