The kitchen cabinets started getting primed yesterday. They look so much better with just the primer on them! But the fumes are horrible. The SO had a awful headache. We had the windows open downstairs during a snowstorm and we still had to retreat upstairs and open the windows there.

I decided to bring Freckles to work with me to save her from the fumes. She was all excited to get in the car. I had to leave her for a minute because I saw Powder oozing out of the cracked open upstairs window and onto the roof. Good thing I went back to make her come inside because for some quirk of cat physics she couldn’t get herself back in until I opened the window more. I shut the window to prevent more mischief. I told them to stay upstairs to avoid the fumes.

Freckles was most angry that we weren’t going to the dog park. But once we got to work she’s been running the halls like a crazy dog. The day after a storm is always slow or I wouldn’t have brought her. It is one thing to know that your human comes home covered in other dog smells. It is another thing entirely to witness the infidelity.

I trimmed up her foot hair. She gave me a look that clearly communicated that even though she was once sent by her owners to the pound, she had never been so sad in her whole life as she was right then. If we don’t get busier there is a bath and toe nail trimming in her future.

I took her outside to pee. I didn’t put her on a leash because she is trustworthy. Was trustworthy. She lost that while she was running through the bank parking lot next door. I had to do a fancy open field tackle to get her back under control.


I live with a muscle-y kind of guy. The other day he noticed that the refrigerator wasn’t working and decided to move the stove to see if the frig was still plugged in properly. He grabbed the stove to slide it out- and tore the oven door off!
Doesn’t know his own strength. LOL. Luckily it was under warranty and got fixed with no problems.