The SO had a dream that he had to go to war.  He had to find someone to watch Z for a few hours. Apparently this was a fast war. He was getting mad since he couldn’t find me.

Then he realized that Z was small so he was in the past before he met me.

He was telling me about this the next morning. I told him that he knew where I lived so he could just show up. 

Him:  What am I supposed to say? “Hi, you don’t know me but you’ll have to get to know this kid sooner or later so how about starting now?”

Me:  Yeah, that wouldn’t work.

Him:  We live together and are very happy?

Me:  I’m married at this point so I don’t think I’d believe you.  You’d have to prove it.

Him:  I could tell you that your husband leaves you in 2007, Spirit dies in 2008, Snowball dies in 2009, and Ozzie dies in 2010. 

Me:  staring at him   I am not going anywhere with you.

Him:   laughing   Did I mention that you are very happy?