My house cleaner’s daughter in law is doing a group sewing day for Project Linus. She asked for any donations. I decided to clean house.

All those UFOs that I know that I am never going to finish are going bye-bye.



Those two were from a block exchange.


These were from an hourglass swap that I was in for a few years.

This fish quilt is finished but never got mailed to a charity.

The next two hurt to give up but they just make me feel guilty since they have been hanging out in a box since 2000 and 2001. They were block round robin quilts. One is under the sea and the other is in the garden. They even are going with bags of matching fabric to finish them.

100_0548 2


Some bright tops


I am also sending out some fabrics I bought to be backings and then decided I didn’t like and bags full of orphan blocks. Hopefully, they will all get made into quilts for kids who will appreciate them instead of sitting in boxes in my quilt room.