I need a dress for a wedding. I was looking to see if they had anything on eBay. I typed “dress 14” in the search. Guess what the heading was on my results page?

Dress size 14, Plus Size Apparel on eBay

I told it to kiss my apparently oversized ass.

On a related note, I saw a girl walking down the road today with the slogan Girl Power prominently displayed on her clothing. That’s a good thing, I guess. It might be better if it wasn’t printed across the seat of her short shorts.

2 Replies to “Larger Than Life”

  1. Every time I go shopping and am made to feel like I am some sort of massive troll beast because I have a figure it really sets me off. Aero recently decided to stop carrying 13/14 Short jeans…..the attendant’s reasoning for this? “We’re phasing out our plus sizes.” !!#(*&$(*@&#(*&!#

    Her tone of voice was very “You could try down at the co-op, they probably have some barrels and burlap sacks you could fashion into some clothes.”

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