So yesterday I posted about finding out from eBay that I am considered to be a Plus Size Woman. Today I went to a store next door to where I was working and found out that I shrunk.

I had been in this store once before but everything I was interested in only came in size small. The size small clothes didn’t seem that small but I figured I was hallucinating. Today I really liked a shirt that looked to be about my size. I read the tag and it said extra small. I held it up to me and it seemed capable of covering all my bits. Then I picked up some medium sized shirts that looked to my untrained eye to be the same size as the extra small. So I tried them on and both the extra small and the medium shirts fit me in exactly the same way the extra large shirt I came into the store with fits me.

I’m answering the phone now with, “Hello! I bought an extra small shirt today and it fits me!” I warned the husband that I’m going to tell him that about every 12 hours for the next three days and I expect him to be happy for me every time. I realize that it isn’t really an extra small but it is the only time in my entire life that I’ll ever have something that says that so I feel the need to celebrate.