I got fired yesterday. It wasn’t because I went on a murderous rampage through the waiting room or anything fun like that. It wasn’t even because of incompetency on my part. Nothing personal at all. The clinic that I work at three afternoons a week has been really slow. There are two vets there doing appointments in the afternoon and there really hasn’t been enough work to keep us both busy. Except when there is. That’s the rub. We can be super slow and then one day have emergency after emergency and a full book of appointments and both of us are running around like crazy women. That’s why the owner has kept two vets there for so long. But it isn’t cost effective. I’ve been there the longest but I’m a subcontractor (by choice) and the other vet is a full time contracted employee.

So I need to make up 8 hours a week in new jobs to break even. (I’m still working there on Wednesday afternoons.) That should not be hard to do at all but it takes some planning. That’s what was nice about this job. It was fairly close to home and regular. He also paid me every two weeks. With jobs done through an agency it can take a while to get paid.

I came home last night and took some jobs that I had been emailed about but couldn’t take before. I also let the agency I work with know that I was now available on more days and am waiting to hear back from them.

This will be a good motivator to get my housecall practice up and running. I called a person I used to work with who had offered to try to set up a newspaper interview. That would be good publicity. I’m not good at promoting myself. I feel weird about having my magnetic sign on my car. But I have business cards and post cards on order so I can get the word out to local vets, pet stores, and groomers.