I just looked out my window and saw something in the front pasture. After a few seconds I identified it as a skunk. I thought that was nice because I haven’t seen a lot of skunks around here lately.

Then I saw something else by the skunk. It took me a few seconds to ID that also. Riley. He was in a posture that is very familiar to me. It was like I could hear his brain working. “Snowball has a big white fluffy tail that she holds up in the air and it is great fun to sneak up behind her and slap it. This animal I don’t know also has a big white fluffy tail that it is holding up so if I can sneak up on it….” That thought was interrupted by me screaming his name from the porch. He comes when called so he turned to me. The skunk chased him for a few steps which just proved to Riley that he would be great fun as a playmate but Riley came inside for some food and a cuddle.

One Reply to “Curiousity and the cat”

  1. ROFLMAO!!!! Oooooh, Riley came VERY close to being an outside cat, huh??? Or a seriously unhappy wet&bedraggled cat!!! *BWG* Glad you were able to call him off in time, even if he doesn’t know what it was that he nearly did to himself. LOL

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