I saw a cat the other day whose chart had “Super Caution” written all over it.  We occasionally write “Caution” on problem patients but “Super Caution” was a whole new level like DefCon 22.

We went in with a plan.  I’d take the top of the carrier and the tech, who was fully armed with our cat wrestling gloves, would cover her with a towel.  Then I’d slip my hand under the towel to give the vaccines.  It was going swimmingly but the owner, who was on the far side of the room, said, “I just feel like she doesn’t get a good exam here.”

The vaccines were given and no one had been injured yet so I tried to examine her.  I listened to her heart between growls.  I uncovered her head and looked at her teeth while she hissed and screamed at me.  I tried to touch her head but she flattened her ears and struck.  I have awesome cat avoidance reflexes so she missed. 

Soon after she was tucked all back in her carrier.  The owner said, “Oh, her ears!”

Me:  “Has she been having an ear problem?”

Owner:  “No, I just noticed that you didn’t bother looking inside them.”

Yep, that’s why I still have a face.