I just finished seeing a petite little whippit mix dog.  She was a very happy little dog.  You see, she had a big adventure yesterday.  She’s not what anyone would would generally consider a hunting dog but she showed them.

She was seen barking at something in the yard.  She was jumping at it.  Her people had just had time to ask what the fool dog was barking at when her prey decided he had had enough.  The buck stood up.  He picked her up with his antlers under the left front leg and tossed her. 

She ended up with a laceration from the antler.  Here’s where the story takes another twist.  The female owner’s fiance and her ex-husband decide to fix the dog before she gets home.

Consider that.  Why were they there together?  I’ve tried to picture the SO and the ex hanging out at home and then collaborating on canine first aid but it isn’t working.  Anyway, they superglued the wound.  Didn’t bother to clean it first or anything sissy like that.  They superglued the heck out of it.  It is superglued down with a good eighth of an inch of superglue on top.  All the rest of her skin will fall off before that flap moves.

Today the dog is bruised and swollen and a bit gimpy but is super proud of herself because just for a moment she caught herself a deer.