I love my library.  It is huge and it has almost everything.  But it has the craziest organization I’ve ever seen.

When I first went there I was very confused.  I couldn’t figure out where the books were.  It doesn’t help that they don’t use “book words”.  Nowhere will  you find a Fiction section.  It is Popular Culture.  There is no Nonfiction.  It is broken up into a Science and Technology sections, a Business section, and a Humanities section.

I’m a Dewey Decimal kind of girl.  I can understand when you want to browse that maybe going to the Science section will get you where you want to be.  But when you look up a book and get the number it can be hard to find out where that book lives.

I looked up travel guides for Hawaii.  They live at 919.6.  I went to the basement to where most of the nonfiction lives.  I found the 400 – 600s in one sections.  On the other side of the building there was 200 and 300s.  No 900s.  The rest of the nonfiction is on the 3rd floor.  I went up there.  Searched all over and finally found the 900s tucked in behind the 100s.  The section went from 909 straight to 920. There was a little sign that said “910-919 shelved in Popular Culture.”

I had to go down to the second floor to Popular Culture and found a shelf of travel guides way in the back.  Should I be worried that the guides for my vacation are shelved in fiction?

Am I crazy in wanting the numbers in order on the same floor so I can figure out where they are?