When I buy a piece of machinery I expect it to last forever.  I don’t replace things until they die.  For the last few months we’ve been watching the agonizing death of our DVD player.  Sometimes we had to encourage it to keep playing.  The remote finally refused to let the menu button work and when we still kept using it, it gave up all together.

We went out and bought a new BluRay player.  Time to join the 21st century.  The other thing I expect from a piece of machinery is that it should work right out of the box.  I was not amused when we got it home and it requires a cable that was not included.  Had it said that on the box we would have bought one at the store.  It didn’t.

The husband was going to go get one the next day.  He texted me that a coworker was going to bring him one instead.  Later I heard this retelling of how that happened.

Him:  I mentioned that we got a BluRay player and they got very excited.  [A coworker] said he’d bring me a cable tomorrow. He buys them in bulk on eBay.

Me:  Ok, way to go on scoring free stuff.

Him:  They are all very excited and happy for us.

Me after a moment’s consideration:  Were any of these people “excited and happy for us” when we got married?

Him:  No, they are guys.  But they are thrilled that we have updated technology.