Last night the husband started giggling in his sleep. Actually his sound output was snore, snore, giggle, snore which is sort of sweet until it goes on for too long. He’s more of a nightmare kind of guy so I’m glad he was happy but he was keeping me up.

At the same time the dog apparently had a dream where she was running a marathon. (This is amazing because lately she’s been refusing to go on walks. When we take her she stops frequently and acts like she just can’t go on. I was starting to think I was going to have to carry her home the other day. We walked very slowly home and when I took her leash off in the driveway – she ran full speed into the backyard.)
Anyway, my back was the road under her feet in her marathon dream.  I decided I had had enough.

I moved into the guest bed.  Normally this freaks out the husband.  He takes it as a sign that I want a divorce and not just a restful night’s sleep.  But a few times lately he’s slept in there so I figured he’d understand now.

Nope.  A little bit later while I was still playing Candy Crush on the iPad they appeared.  Freckles landed on my stomach to say hi.  The husband asked why I had left.  I explained giggling and running.  He accepted that grudgingly and took the dog and went back to bed.  For a while. About half an hour later I had just turned off the iPad, taken off my glasses, and settled in.  I heard him get up.  He crawled into bed with me.  I was yelling, “No. No! My glasses are over there.”  I snatched them out of the way just as he laid down and looked at me and said, “What?”

He said he had a bad dream.  Usually these are war dreams but this was a picnic with fresh honey that was interrupted by his ex-wife.  He shuddered.  I pointed out that if we were in fact sleeping together we ought to sleep in our real bed near the alarm clocks where I wouldn’t have to sleep with my glasses in my hand.  He said he didn’t want to sleep in the “bad dream bed” but that I should go back to hear the alarms.

I trudged back to my bed only to see that the animals thought that they had achieved their dreams of getting the bed all for themselves.  There were two cats and a dog on a queen sized bed and somehow it was all covered.  I pushed and shoved my way into a spot and finally fell asleep.

Until the husband decided that he wanted to come back to bed too…

Getting up at 5:30 to go workout was hard this morning.