I’m having a kicking and screaming hissy fit today.  Google is announcing yet again that they are discontinuing Reader.  Did you ever notice how often they do this and it is saved at the last second?

The alternative of choice seems to be Bloglovin’.  I looked at it and hated it.  It gives you excerpts.  I hate excerpts.  If I wanted to click on every blog, I wouldn’t be using a reader. But, I played around with it and it turns out if you have it set to use frames you can see the blog itself and push the buttons at the top to move to the next one. I guess that put you on the blogs so there is no excuse not to leave comments. I’m tempering my hissy fit.

They make you add a code to your blog to “claim” it to get stats or something. Essentially you are advertising for them. Well played Bloglovin’. Well played.

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