I think I magic-ed my trees! I have these sad little dogwood trees that I planted three years ago. They get some leaves every year but they never flower. They haven’t grown much either. One is about 5 feet and the other about 4 feet tall just like they were when planted. I’ve added compost to their soil faithfully and made sure they have water during dry spells. I’d about given up on them and would have taken them out but the birds love to sit on them during the summer.

I read on some blog – Wildhunt maybe? – about Ostara and spring and a quote from someone who blesses her trees and asks for protection for them in the spring. I’m still a skeptical person but I figured nothing else has worked. I was also reading about feeling auras at the time so I went out and felt the auras of the trees. Then I took birdseed and put a circle around each of them and asked for protection and growth and maybe – if it wasn’t too much trouble – flowers. That was a few weeks ago. Today I went out to see them and they are both putting up a lot of new growth. The big tree even as two buds on it! At least I think they are buds seeing as they have never had them before. I felt the aura of the big tree and it is bigger than it was before. I did a little energy work by running energy to the tree auras to encourage greater health.

The skeptical part of me says that the “buds” are probably cocoons of the world’s most destructive insect or that a frost is going to come and kill everything and that I’m imagining the whole aura thing anyway. But I’m going to try to think positively.