It is April 1 so it is time again for the wheel of the year photos.

First we have me. Sadly, there is not less of me. In fact there is more of me.


My books from the library


My sewing table with jewelry making supplies and strips that I’ve been cutting for bargello quilts.


The view from the window. The dark spot in the upper left is a cow.


Unimaginably there is progress to show in the upstairs bedroom this month!


Something is coming up in my container. They are either hyacinths or tulips or both.


My garden. You can’t see much but the roses are growing, the hyacinths and tulips are coming up, and the sedum is growing like crazy.


The tree in my pasture. Too early yet for leaves.


Spirit is very dirty and shedding. He has a fine cloud of hair following him everywhere he walks rather like Peanuts’ Pigpen. Neighbor horse Nugget and a nosy cow are looking on.


Prize is showing why the grass isn’t coming up yet in the pasture. Both horses are firm believers in wallowing.


Not many changes in the stream by the bike trail


It is about 50 today but has been warmer all week. Here is the view on the bike trail.


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  1. Yay for progress on the upstairs bedroom! Wish I could say the same for our garden, lol. Still, we’ve finally had a bit of sunshine the last couple of days, so maybe April is my month for action…

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