Make me interesting

I have to come up with 5 one liner stories that make me look interesting. I can come up with some stories but none of them are anything I really want to repeat on national television. The most interesting thing that’s happened to me is going on TV and since that is obviously why I’m being interviewed, I can’t use that. So, I’m racking my brain for innocent but not to terribly boring anecdotes. Here’s what I’ve come up with so far.

1. I once crashed into a deer while riding my horse.

2. I was thrown off a train in the middle of the night in Bolivia.

3. My rabbit deleted a book proposal off my computer.

I’m out of ideas. I need two more. I keep having this urge to say something like, “I climbed Mount Everest last week.”


  • Shelina

    Wow those things are much more interesting than anything I could come up with myself. How about your ability to make quilts magically appear at your doorstep?

  • On the Bit

    pft…this is easy for a J fan like myself…you want something short and quirky (I think your number 2 is the winner) that Alex T. is going to ask you more questions about…here are some ideas.

    1) You own a – year old horse (I don’t know how old spirit is) that is so stuck in his ways he leads himself around.

    2) You have a blog that has over 1,000 posts and that X number of people visits everyday.

    3) You have been letter boxing in several states.

    4) You had been meaning for years to do a hard puzzle and just as you got started your cat knocked it over.

    5) You work with boas, pythons, and anacondas but are terrified of garter snakes.

    6) You like strawberry flavoring but can’t stand to eat strawberries.

    7) You are on your way to judge a compeative trail ride right from LA.

    okay that is all I can come up with. Those are the things I remeber or found in the recent past from your blog. I know you want something super cool that is going to make all of us at home go “wow…she is impressive” but you shouldn’t stress too much about it.
    Just keep in mind that the target audience of the show is 75+ and most think that the modern car is impressive 😛 (That was a joke for all you 75+ people that read this blog…Don’t be mad because I was kidding, and modern cars are pretty cool)

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