I had a good reading month. I was focused on fantasy for Wyrd and Wonder for most of the month but I always end up reading a bunch of other subjects even when I think I’m laser focused.

  • That’s 4 audiobooks. I listened a lot while sewing this month.
  • 1 nonfiction. I need to read some more nonfiction or else my Nonfiction November posts are going to be very sparse this year.
  • 3 male authors plus some male authors in the anthology
  • 1 anthology and 1 novella
  • 7 with LBGT+ main or major supporting characters
  • The authors are Latinx, Native American, Indian, Korean, and white

South of the Equator Challenge

love to hate you jo watson

I made sure to read this book set in South Africa.

Foodies Read

I haven’t reviewed them all yet but these feature women on a holiday baking show, a food blogger, a baker, and a waitress in a waffle restaurant.