May Wheel of the Year

Happy May Day and Beltaine! It is time for the Wheel of the Year again.

On a personal level April felt like a month where nothing was accomplished. I felt stagnant and deary. But if you look at the pictures you can see that so much has changed since April 1st.

First there is me. I did lose some of the weight that I gained in the beginning of the year.


Because of my deary mood I’ve been reading mostly light fluff from the library.


My poor container was the victim of a windstorm that dumped it all out on the lawn. The plants got shoved back in haphazardly. One hyacinth bloomed and now other bulbs are coming up. Like every other bed here there is grass trying to work its way in.


The window view shows the greening of the landscape and some cows going out to pasture.


The sewing table has a work in progress that will use 128 different fabrics. I’m easily making it without buying any more fabric. But cutting the strips is taking a long time.


I wish this picture was taken a week ago. Spirit was in full shedding mode. He had areas that were shed out surrounded by bushy areas. He looked like he had some strange skin disease. Now his shoulders are shed out and just his back and abdomen are still fluffy.


The pasture is growing. I always worry every year that it won’t come back because of the damage put on it by grazing. But every year it does great.


My garden shows a big change. Before this shot showed a L-shaped area of weeds. I moved the good plants from the short arm of the L to an improved bed on the long arm and mowed down the short one. This will simplify the garden and make it more manageable.


Not much change in the room. We fired the deadbeat contractor so there might not be change for a while.


The tree has leaves!


The bushes near the water are leafing out too.


The trees are starting to form the canopy or cathedral ceiling that I love about this part of the path.


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