I skipped work today.

I was supposed to be in VA judging a ride so I had scheduled last Thursday, Friday, and today off. When the ride got canceled I decided to work Thursday and Friday but kept today off as a mental health day.

First, I took my iPad and my computer to family therapy at the Apple store since they refused to speak to each other. After an hour session we found out that the iPad has deep rooted, unresolved issues that mean that it refuses to charge while connected to the computer but has relented and will now talk to the computer enough to sync files.

Then I went to a movie just so I could eat the pretzel bites and cheese at the movie theater.

I stopped by a quilt store hoping for some inspiration for my next project. What about all those UFOs in your closet, you ask. Blah, blah, blah, I can’t hear you! I wasn’t inspired though so I don’t have a plan for sewing day tomorrow. I may be working on UFOs.

I went to the library to return a bag of books and pick up some more. I was in the mood for light and fluffy books.

Then, I came home and booked our flights for our fall vacation!

We are going to ….. drumroll…….


Why Lisbon? Why not? We were looking at a map of hotels for one chain and clicked on Lisbon. It looked nice. We’ve never been there. We went back and forth for months on Lisbon vs. Venice. As soon as we’d settle on one the SO would go waffling back to the other. But it is all settled now. Lisbon it is.

It is cheaper to get there and to stay there. The flight isn’t as long. The more we looked at Venice the more it just didn’t seem to be “us”. Lisbon just felt better!

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  1. First let me say congratulations on your upcoming trip to Lisbon! How wonderful. I’m hoping to get to Africa this year (when my husband travels for work).

    I love that you are admitting to a mental health day!

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