So I ended up working on an UFO during sewing day today. This is my Dear Jane on Acid quilt. I don’t like the look of the Dear Jane quilt. My sewing friends were doing it and it seemed like quite a trial and tribulation to them. They still aren’t done. They are ignoring it for now. One weekend in March 2008 I was snowed in with my sewing machine and one of their Dear Jane books so I made some. But I didn’t want to have it be boring so I decided to make it brighter and wilder. I made a few blocks that weekend. (And then I got un-snowed in and went out to celebrate my freedom and met a guy and we all lived happily ever after.) I haven’t done much with them since then.


I made the top row today. I have no interest in making the teeny tiny applique blocks in this pattern. I will pick and choose the ones I want to make. Doing that also lets me say things like, “Gee, I don’t know why you guys had such a hard time with these blocks. These are simple!” Then I have to duck flying rotary cutters.

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