My hotel has a computer in the lobby so I’m able to post if I can find a time when it isn’t occupied. At first wordpress wouldn’t let me sign in so in the ultimate display of geekdom I started writing these posts out by hand. Hi. My name is Heather and I’m a blog addict.

I headed to downtown Minneapolis today. I took the light rail. I love mass transit. I really wanted to figure a way to not have to rent a car but I couldn’t do it. So I drive to the park and ride lot. It takes a half hour to get downtown. It drops me off 7 blocks north of the convention. The town seems deserted. No cars or pedestrians. It is a very commercial area but on Saturday morning there is hardly anyone around. A neat thing about Minneapolis is the skywalk system. The downtown buildings are connected by enclosed walkways on the 2nd floor. Go into a building and you can walk around downtown in climate controlled comfort. There are all kinds of stores along the way but most were closed this morning.

There was a PETA protestor outside when I came in but since no on ever IDs me as a vet even when I’m wearing my Dr. sign I didn’t get harrassed.

I met up with one of my vet school study partners in the exhibit hall. He’s working for a company selling blood analysis machines. I haven’t seen anyone else I know yet.

I did go to lectures – complementary therapy for cancer treatment and 2 pain management seminars.

Then I went to the Keynote speech by Barbara Bush. She was great. Very funny. Of course there was 1.5 hours of boring stuff before they let her talk.

Anyone remember the blue bucket incidient in the Little Rock airport? Well, I believe I’ve topped it. I got a rolling cart at the exhibit hall today. It was greatly appreciated because the official convention backpack is heavy. But it has a black box on it with “URINE-OFF: The name says it all” written on every surface in bold yellow leters. I just drug that thing 7 blocks through downtown and onto a train. People were whispering and nudging their friends. I would smile and nod. The key is to carry it off with aplomb. I had to go through a crowd going into the symphony. Lots of people in gowns and my with my Urine-Off box. I am such a geek!