I’ve crashed. My brain became completely and totally full by 2:30 today. I had to give up the conference for the day and go back to the hotel to let things drain out. But my brain was too full to relax. So, I found a library and came here to work on the computer.

I’m sick of the hotel computer. I’ve been getting up in order to post at 6:00 AM. It was the only time I could be sure to get on. Then yesterday night I tried but I had a guy walk up behind me and stand there. I’m not sure if he was reading over my shoulder or not. I hate that. I won’t even let my husband stand in a place where he can see what I am typing. You may wonder what the problem is about people reading something that I’m typing for public consumption. The answer is – I don’t know but it makes me crazy and that’s that!

Today I went to nutrition lectures. I don’t agree with everything they said and I have more to say about that but my brain is tired so it will have to wait until later. I think after I’m done here I’m going to go to see a movie. That should quiet my brain.