I went to the barn today and parked next to the girl’s pasture. I looked around and everyone was present and accounted for except for Prize. I started looking around and finally found her in the boy’s area in a paddock with a Haflinger gelding. That’s odd but they were having a grand time. I figured that she was in there since it didn’t have a lot of grass and he’s fat too. Call it the Plump Pony Paddock for grass restriction.

But that’s not it. My dear horsey is in heat. My nice mare who never ever shows signs of heat unless she is with a stallion has gone plumb off her rocker. This morning she flat out refused to go out to the mare’s pasture. Nope, not leaving the boys. Planted all four feet and put herself in park. So instead of getting in a fight with her they turned her out with the boys (who are all geldings). She’s with the Haflinger and is sharing a fence line with several other fine males. She is flirting with all of them in turn. My nice sweet girl has turned into a total hussy!