One of my sewing friends has an ancient Collie who had a stroke about 2 months ago. At the time we discussed euthanizing her but she made a bit of a comeback so we didn’t. We all knew that she was living on borrowed time though so it was no surprise when she had another episode last night. Today we talked about me coming over to euthanize her. But I didn’t have everything I needed right then. Before I could get it all collected I got a call. I was in Kroger at the checkout line. Normal print is my friend’s husband. Bold is me. Remember that the cashier and everyone in line could hear me.

“Don’t worry about getting the stuff – she died.”
Sorry to hear that
“I thought about doing mouth to mouth but figured it wouldn’t work.”
Yeah, it would be sort of pointless to revive her and then have me come over to kill her.
Both laugh
You should have heard your wife this morning. Come over and kill her and then stay for the party. That sounds sort of rude when you put it like that.
Laughing again

At this point the clerk throws my receipt at me and I leave. It is too much to try to explain my life to bystanders.