I almost couldn’t get out of bed this morning. I walked for miles yesterday and then tried to do my body for life leg routine like a good girl. Midway through the second set of exercises my legs announced that if I asked them to do one more thing then they were going to lay down and quit right there and I’d never get back to my room. I wisely listened to my body and quit. This morning I was so stiff it hurt to get out of bed.

Yesterday I went back to my hotel in the afternoon and rested for a bit. I was so tired from my morning walking and siteseeing that I didn’t really want to go out again. But I didn’t want to miss stuff that I thought I should be doing so I went for dinner and a stroll. I ended up seeing the light show at Notre Dame Basicilla. It cost $10 which annoyed me because I don’t go to church even when it is free. This light show was basically a history of the city and church. They are very intertwined. It was interesting as history but the production was very corny. It was also very politically incorrect. There was a reinactment of three nuns being so excited that they got a school building. Then they say that they are going to go out and get the precious Indian children because God wants them to teach the kids. Can you say culutral genocide? As an interesting contrast on the new last night there was a report about the head chief of the Canadian tribes resigning. One of the highlights of his terms was getting a formal apology from the Canadian government for taking the children and putting them in European-run schools.

The Basillica was over the top pretty like only old time Catholics do it. I’ve seen a few churches here and they are all super decorated. Pictures to follow sometime.

Today I started going to lectures so I don’t have as much siteseeing time. Tomoorow there is a break where I’m supposed to be listening to some keynote speaker but I’m going to slip out and go to one more museum. I can’t do it after meetings because the tourist part of town closes down at 4-5 pm.